My Story

I started Underground Hooks one summer while I, as any good millennial is want to do, was temporarily living in my parent's basement. Hence the "underground" part -- because I'm clever. I have since moved out into my own home. I think that's an important thing to note.


I had been crocheting off and on for years, but didn't really take it up as a primary hobby until that summer. I got really into doilies that summer. Really. Into. Doilies. They were stacking up fast and I had literally no use for them, aside from the joy I got out of making them.

So I opened an Etsy store, thinking I could sell a couple of them, and make some petty cash so I could, you know, buy more thread... make more doilies... drive my husband nuts with the stacks of pastel table mats everywhere...

But overtime in an effort to grow my own store, I grew as a crocheter. I taught myself new techniques. I experimented with different kinds of yarn. I started making new things, like scarves, hats, amigurumi cats, oh my! I grew out of doilies, although I do make them still from time to time. And I began to work on writing my own patterns.

And that brings us to my now current love, amigurumi. I'm currently challenging myself to write patterns that can help a person grow as a crocheter. Starting out with simple shapes and simple joining to get the feel for amigurumi and then moving on to more complex details and accessories.

Growing and exploring crochet has been and still is an amazing journey for me. And I want to bring that journey to everyone who's ever looked at a gorgeous piece of crocheted work and thought "I can't do that."

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