Getting this thing up and running.

Since I have plans to utilize this blog come January 2020, I figured I would get it up and running early. But the thing is, I really am not a blogger. I'm also not really into Facebook or using Pinterest for anything besides for my personal creative/inspirational bookmarking system. I'm much more active and comfortable on Instagram.

So before we get any further, this is my fair warning to you that if you're here for titillating content, you're better off following me on Instagram. (Did you see I linked to it twice already?)

Onto the good part.

What are my plans for the direction of this blog?

Good question. I'm thinking it will mostly be behind-the-scenes looks at my patterns as I create them. A blurb about a pattern. Why I made it the way I did. Where I got my yarn/etc for it. What it can teach you.

The other part will be helpful guides or videos for techniques to improve your own craft. Assuming you're a fellow crocheter. I'm also making it my mission in life to teach people to read patterns and charts. On top of that, I'm really eager to bring some science to crochet and this seems like a slightly better place to host that than Instagram. (click the damn link already!)

What's happening January 2020?

Well that would be the main reason for this blog. Not the main content mind you, but the sole reason for its birth. (ew?)

I have some crochet patterns I've made that I cannot sell to you. They are based on copyrighted works, so I have no right to sell them. Rightfully so. 

So in January, to both kick off the new year and celebrate my birthday, I'm releasing four of these patterns right here on my blog. 100% free.

Hopefully this will kick off a great habit where I post freebies every so often because I do love fandom crochet. 

So if any of this sounds appealing to you in any way, make sure you use the little widget on the right to subscribe to my blog. Or you can follow me on Instagram Instagram Instagram to get all my content including notices when I make a blog post, which will hopefully not be too infrequently.

Fingers crossed.

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